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Wristlet Squared Pattern

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YouTube introduction video: click here

1. You are purchasing a digital pattern, there is no physical item.
2. This digital pattern provides measurements, a material list and a link to an instructional video on YouTube* (there are no written instructions).
3. The finished Wristlet Squared may be created and sold.
4. Redistribution of the Wristlet Squared pattern, measurements and/or instructional video(s) are intellectual property retained by Butter Bags. You are prohibited from sharing/distributing this information.

Final Wristlet Squared measures: 6" H x 1" D x 9" W
(H-height, D-depth, W-width)

Materials (Industrial/Semi-Industrial)                                            

  1. 1- #5 Zipper 9”
  2. 1- ½” D-Ring
  3. 1- ½” Lobster Clasp
  4. 1- Double Cap Rivet (large)*
  5. Main Print Vinyl- 1 square foot
  6. Coordinating Vinyl- 9” x 14”
  7. Interior Cotton Fabric-1 square foot
  8. ½” & ¼” double sided tape
  9. Sewing clips and pins
  10. Ruler
  11. SF 101 Interfacing

*you will need the rivet setting equipment as well as the hole puncher

Materials (Domestic Friendly)                                             

  1. 1- #5 Zipper 9”
  2. 1- ½” D-Ring
  3. 1- ½” Lobster Clasp
  4. Main Print Vinyl- 1 square foot
  5. Coordinating Vinyl- 9” x 14”
  6. Interior Cotton Fabric-1 square foot
  7. 1/4” double sided tape
  8. Sewing clips and pins
  9. Ruler

This bag is beginner friendly (with knowledge of basic sewing skills/terms). The Wristlet Squared can be made using a domestic sewing machine. Because faux leather is involved, it's recommended to have the sewing machine attachments required for your machine to sew faux leather/vinyl (i.e. needle, thread weight, foot etc.)

There are modifications included in the pattern to adjust the wristlet strap and wristlet strap attachment using cotton.

*You must have access to YouTube to obtain sewing instructions

No refunds, cancellations or returns once you have completed your purchase.
Please feel free to email us with any questions prior to purchase:

Written in English using the imperial system for measurements.